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Flag Fish Eating Plants?

I got a pair of them a while ago when I was having
algae problems.  They did a good job helping clean
things up.  Now that things are balanced, all the
algae is gone.  So are those tetras that were eating
stuff (caught them red handed (finned actually - ha
ha)eating polysperma, Hemianthus, and Mayaca).  There
was damage to Hydrotriche too.  A bunch of needles
were nibbled down.  Also some bites out of micro
tenellus leaves.   

 I've seen the flag fish eating Phyllanthus roots. 
That's now gone too for the most part (grew
explosively).  I see them with green poop, so they
must be eating SOMETHING.  I'm just not sure who ate
what.  Should I be concerned about the flag fish? 
I'll have a heck of a time getting them out.  They
accepted some spirulina flake for the first time
today.  Even so,....

Thanks, Cavan    

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