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Re: art and the planted aquarium

Arthur wrote:
"The problem with the technical aspect of the hobby is
that you can only take it so far.  And then you are
done.  We all know how to get there.  Lack of success
usually means shortcuts were employed "

Only to a point......... none of us knows everything and there will probably
always be new techniques that we can learn from a list such as this. One of
the most valuable aspect of this list is the fact that there are so many
experienced people here who are very helpful and willing to share what they
have learned with others. Many people learn the hard way that throwing money
at the problems we sometimes encounter doesn't always work.

"I have noted that none of the tanks in the AGA contest
have titles.  At least none of the ones I have looked
at.  Works of art have titles."

I guess that is a personal thing, but I find that a bit over the top. I was
heavily involved with photography for a number of years, both commercial and
artistic and I always found it kind of pretentious when one of my camera
clicking friends would start "naming" their images. Of course, none of them
was Ansel Adams.....

"Perhaps people can post URL's to tanks they
would like critiqued, and interested parties can offer
their advice/opinions."

That sounds like an excellent suggestion.

"Maybe even creating a different list
would be in order."

I don't think that is necessary, nor even desirable. The APD has more than
enough width in its mandate (or womandate) (persondate????) to encourage the
discussion of both technical and artistic aspects of the hobby alongside one

Keeping aquariums is much like a craft (oh, oh...here I go again). In order
to do it at all, you have to know your tools, materials and techniques. In
order to do it well, you have to have the basics down but you also have to
be willing and able to put some of your heart into it. Once the technical
aspects become second nature, you can aspire to becoming a master.

Having public discussions of all sorts in one forum can encourage everyone
in both areas.

James Purchase