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Re: art and the planted aquarium

On Fri, 16 Nov 2001, Ivo Busko wrote:

> Why not use a system based on the one used in the Dutch contest ?
> AFAIK, there are points for the aspects directly related to
> the aquascape in an artistic sense, such as composition, use of
> colors and textrues, etc. But there are also points, and a lot of
> them, for aquaria-type topics. Such as the use of fish as 
> elements of the composition (their colors, sizes, numbers and 
> behaviors, and how all these aspects mingle with the planted 
> aquascape). Fish and plant health are also taken into account. And
> there are points for the technical aspects, including, as far as 
> I remember, details such as the ease of access and use of maintenance 
> and control gear.

Actually, if you take a peek at the site, we basically did that.  I have
added the judging criteria page back (thanks Robert S for the suggestion!)
so you can see what exactly the judges used to rate each tank.  Over half
the points were "art-related", but there is a percentage of the points
just for "Viability", i.e. appropriatenexss of fish and plants.

None of us have copies of the NBAT rules to compare against, but the
judges seemed to work well with the point range we gave them.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com