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Convention - American Art

Arthur said:
"But beyond that, I would like to
create my own unique style.  I hope that others on
this list push the boundaries and create styles that
are interesting, motivating, and provoking.
To my taste, dutch tanks are too regulated.  Like a
sonnet.  Amano-style tanks have a serene beauty, but
sometimes I find the zen-style a little suffocating.
Haiku. "

Arthur you couldn't have said it better.  Mr. Amano made a point that he
would come up with a new idea or theme and all of the Japanese aquarist
would then follow along and copy.  He made a suggestion about doing things
as you see it or something to that effect.  I had the image of sheep in my
mind although I don't think it was stated as such :-)  Wim's talk on the
Dutch style did suggest that things were somewhat rigid.  I kept thinking on
the long ride home about where a real "american art" could fit in that
"might" take something from one school, blend it with something from the
other school, add a bit of chili pepper and come up with a very different
look.  Oh yeah, and in my mind I shrunk many of the cliffs and valleys in
Tennessee that we saw on the ride back and put them in my aquarium.  Those
nice green pines set up the patch of red oak colors perfectly with a
powerful wall of rock leading our eye into the valley.  :-)  Well those two
speakers at least have me thinking in the right direction!