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aga contest

I think that most people entering the contest did so because of the quality of people and tanks in it, not because of the prize(s).  I entered my tank on a whim, because I spent so much time looking at last years showcase, and because the comments and layouts had a great impact on me.  

I did it because Erik Olsen was involved, and thekrib.com taught me just about everything I know.  To tell you the truth, I didn't even know if there was a prize involved, and I didn't really care.

Regarding the art vs collector idea, I think the technical nature of the list might give a false impression.  It's difficult at least to discuss art in a non-visual medium, and this list is no different.  The many technical discussions should not disguise the fact that many people here view their tank as a work of art on a living, growing canvas.

Zach Lanier