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RE: Japonica Shrimp Cocktail?

It's entirely possible that your knife is snacking on them. Despite
conficting reports/information, my amano's (in several different tanks)
don't seem to be reclusive at all... 


Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 01:36:15 -0800
From: "Gregory Gooden \(Annex\)" <ggooden at exc1_annex.com>
Subject: Japonica Shrimp Cocktail?

(edited content)

A few days ago, I ordered, 15 SAE's, 50 Japonica Shrimp and a few
bristlenose's from www.aquariumfish.net. The guys there are pretty cool, and
the order came in pretty nicely too... (just a few SAE's perished). I can't
FIND SAE's locally (I'm in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles), so I was
excited to get these..

So I got them today and spread them out across my tanks. In my 125 tank,
most of the Japonica's went. For the first few hours, I got to enjoy
watching them crawl all over attacking that nasty algae that I get to suffer
for so many fish in it..

But later this afternoon, MOST seem to be gone (or just hiding really
well!)... I have a few fish in this big tank that are "questionable" to me
and I want to know if anyone here has any experience with either Clown
Loaches or a Black Ghost Knife munching on Japonica? It's possible they're
just well integrated into the background (it IS a heavily planted tank,
after all), but if those Loaches or Black Ghost are shrimp munchers, I need
to remove them!

Thanks in advance for any advice! :)