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Japonica Shrimp Cocktail?

Yay! My first post to the list! I've been an AVID lurker on this list for quite some time. While I haven't quite got the knack for Aquatic Gardening that most of ya'll do, I continue to strive towards "zen" of the matter. I appreciate the heck outta all the advice (both technical and non-technical) I get to read on it. 

First the introduction.. I'm Greg, and I've been an aquatic enthusiast since the late 70's (when my dad got me into the hobby). It was a great distraction from High School (grin). 

Currently, I have the following PLANTED aquariums (subject to change cause I'm outta control!):

125 Gallon
A Carbo Plus (I'm not so sure this is doing me any good?)
280watts of CF lighting (from that great AH Supply place)
WAY too many discus (they all started small, I swear!)
A heck of an algae problem!

67 Gallon
Only 90 Watts of light
No CO2, but pretty good plant growth except those darned Red Hooks keep munchin my Rotala!

26 Gallon
Breeding pair of discus, no CO2, only 30 watts of light, but this is my most stable and gorgeous tank.. ONLY hair algae which my japonica love to munch on..

12 Gallon
1 tiny Discus (I call him RuntFace), some SAEs and some Japonica (oh, and a betta).. Pretty stable..

You can see SOME of these at http://www.myfishbox.com/members/ggooden (I'm in the internet business, and MyFishBox.com is a resource site we programmed a bit ago)... 

Okay, on to the reason for this post.. 

A few days ago, I ordered, 15 SAE's, 50 Japonica Shrimp and a few bristlenose's from www.aquariumfish.net. The guys there are pretty cool, and the order came in pretty nicely too... (just a few SAE's perished). I can't FIND SAE's locally (I'm in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles), so I was excited to get these..

So I got them today and spread them out across my tanks. In my 125 tank, most of the Japonica's went. For the first few hours, I got to enjoy watching them crawl all over attacking that nasty algae that I get to suffer for so many fish in it..

But later this afternoon, MOST seem to be gone (or just hiding really well!)... I have a few fish in this big tank that are "questionable" to me and I want to know if anyone here has any experience with either Clown Loaches or a Black Ghost Knife munching on Japonica? It's possible they're just well integrated into the background (it IS a heavily planted tank, after all), but if those Loaches or Black Ghost are shrimp munchers, I need to remove them!

Thanks in advance for any advice! :)


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