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Bacterial Bloom

Thanks for the feedback Tom.

You ask what form of C02 I am using (Sochting Carbonator).  It isn't a 
yeast set-up, but is a chemical reaction system based citric acid dripping 
onto a carbonate solution, from Germany.  Here's their website: 
It is designed for a smaller tank than I have, but I already had it and 
considered it would be better than no C02 in the short term.  I am trying 
to acquire the components for a compressed gas system this week.

You mention that my water is too soft at 30 ppm.  That will be the peat in 
my filter.  Tap water KH is 80 ppm - I will remove the peat.

All my test kits are Hagen with the exception of Phosphate (Seachem).  I 
have other Seachem test kits on order.  The variation in the Hagen pH kits 
bothers me.  I know I need to get something better, preferably a monitor, 
which is next on the shopping list after the C02 stuff.  Meanwhile I am 
going with the Hagen Wide range pH kit which is actually reading 7.0 for 
the last couple of days.  Tap water measures 8.0.  The water company are 
coming in on Friday to check out my tap water readings (un-connected with 
tank issues), so I will ask them to verify my tank pH.

Something obviously caused my nitrifying bacteria to die off - I'm 
clueless, but tank appears to be back to normal - cloudy water disappeared, 
remaining fish are happy etc.  pH - 7.0, NH3 readings have gone back to 
zero as has N02.  N03 has been stable at 5.0 ppm for the last couple of 
days (I have KN03 and will dose as per your instructions).  P04 has also 
been stable at 0.3 for a couple of days.

Here's my proposed next steps, if I've missed anything, please advise:

Water change
Dose KN03 to attain levels between 5-10 ppm
Remove peat from filter
Add mulm to filter from established tank
Set up compressed C02 & remove Sochting Carbonator
Acquire pH monitor

Currently my filter (Eheim prof II 2028) contains filter floss, peat & 
sponges.  Should I add the Eheim biological filter media or just more floss 
& sponges etc?

And NO!  I definitely won't give up - I have British Bull Dog Tenacity!!!

Thanks for your help.

Joanna Curtis in Calgary