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Re: Lobelia cardinalis

I have what I "think" is the smaller form (can e-mail picture if requested
off line). It looks like your picture but it is very compact between
leaves/nodes and has small nickel-to-quarter sized leaves. I bought one
small stem from Albany about four months ago and now this stuff is taking
over a good portion of the bottom of my 55.

Next time I trim, I'll save some FCFS.

- Jeff
It's growing like a weed and I'm trimming it weekly.

Drat! How disappointing... This really bites... >:-(

I guess I'm on a new quest! Anybody know of an on-line source from which I
could acquire the small form? Looked everywhere (including AquaBid) and the
only site I've found that sells it is You-know-who, and I'm in no mood to
be ripped off (again) or sued. Or maybe one of you in the SFBAAPS could
sell me a teeny-tiny piece? I live in the East Bay so it probably wouldn't
have to be shipped. I hate driving, but if you are easily accessible by
public transportation, I could somehow get to you. Well, only if any can be
spared with no skin off the back.

Thanks for the positive I.D., Tom!