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Re: Amano in America

I'm starting to collect little stories about the convention, along with
photos and video.  Goal is to have a large collection of the best up on
the AGA website next month.  Anyone here who was at the convention and
wouldn't mind participating, please take a minute if you can to write up a
little something, even a paragraph, on some little part of the convention
that you remember, liked, disliked, whatever. :)  And e-mail me personally
if you'd be willing to lend me negatives or slides to scan.  I promise
I'll send them back real quick!

  - Erik

On Wed, 14 Nov 2001, F. Tadeo wrote:

> With all this talk about Amano and his first tank in America, it makes me 
> want to see it.  Did anyone by any chance get to take a photo of it?  I'm 
> sure many of us who couldn't go would like to see the tank.
> - -Frank
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