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Re: many plants, DOA


It's actually quite warm now, it did not freeze last night, but just as a
precaution, you should not ship until Monday, and I'll pay for a warmer as
well if you can get one.  Just separate it from the plants with wads of
paper.  I don't know how hot they get.

I'm going to CC this to the Aquatic-plant list so others will know I have
been helped.  However, I'm still interested in a commercial shipper closer
than the east coast, and not AZ gardens.

Send whatever you think would be good for a 29 gallon tank.  If things die,
I can throw them out, but I just need living plants to start with. :)

I am interested in a sword, or some any other sort of rooted plant with
broad leaves, and something for ground cover other than and in addition to
java moss.  I got some ?dwarf saggitaria? in the shipment.  I don't know if
it will make it or not.  The plants are looking even worse today.  The stems
and roots seem softer than when they arrived.

Do you sell plants normally, or are these from your tanks?

Do you take paypal? :)  If you have cats, I'll send some cat vaccine with
leukemia virus back in the styrofoam box with syringes and a cool pack, if
you are interested, to cover my shipping cost from you.  Just let me know
how many cats.  I ordered it thinking I might vaccinate the occasional farm
cat, as a large animal veterinarian, but it's just not happening.

Thank you for your help.


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> Hi Peter,
> For $27 plus shipping, I'll send you a ton of plants.  What would you
> I have java fern, java moss, vallisneria galore (I'm not sure if they're
> "crystal vals,"  scientific name is vallisneria spiralis).  No need for
> to send a styrofoam box, I have plenty.
> Where in Washington are you?  How's the weather there?  I'm in Northern
> California, in the Bay Area or Berkeley to be more specific.  I've had
> success shipping as far as New York using USPS, reaching its destination
> only two days.
> Let me know if you're interested.
> -Frank