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Re: Many plants, DOA, from floridadriftwood.com

> From: "Peter and Tracy Rule" <ptrule at bentonrea_com> 
> Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 08:41:20 -0800 
> Cc: "Dwight" <sales at floridadriftwood_com> 
> References: <200111140848.fAE8m6Q29748 at actwin_com> 
> I chose 3 day select, and basically all, except some stem plants, died.  I
> ordered the plants on a Saturday night, and they were not shipped until the
> following Thursday.  They were shipped over the weekend, and left in Spokane
> for two days where it was freezing.  Many of the plants were quite small,
> and even if they had been alive, I wasn't too impressed.
> Does anyone know of a shipper closer to me (Washington) that knows how to
> take care of plants, and takes responsibility for packing them
> appropriately?  I'm not interested in AZ gardens because of their minimum
> order requirements.

Did you call your credit card company about a "charge back"?

I'd be glad to send you some java fern free of charge, except I'm not so
sure but mine might be diseased.  It went into a funk a couple of months
ago and lost most of its leaves (looked like a bacterial "rust" disease)
and they haven't started growing again. :-(

Best regards,