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Lobelia cardinalis - links to my photos

I took these photos, today. There are three shots, and I couldn't decide, 
so my husband put up all three. You have to keep in mind that this is a 
2.5-gallon tank. The total height of the tank is 8". If the plant looks 
huge, it's only because there's no decent frame of reference. The largest 
lobelia is no more than 3" in height.


So can anybody tell me for certain whether or not these are 'small form'? 
Sorry that darn Cryptocoryne something-or-other on the left is being 
distracting. I should also add that the stems only recently started taking 
on that reddish color. I think it's because I moved the CO2 tube into the 
tank, where it's actually doing something.

I'm a little embarrassed about my tank, even though the shots show only a 
portion of it. A few months ago, I had to start this tank over again 
because I let it get out of control. So basically, it's a very slow 
work-in-progress. Not to mention I'm still pretty pathetic at this aquatic 
gardening thing. After seeing all the amazing aquascapes that were entered 
in the AGA contest... I'm just at that "trying to keep my plants alive" stage.

Okay. I'd be grateful for any help in identification. Thanks lots!