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Re: Mr Vamos

> How much K should I add in addition to the K2SO4?

I add only one of these things personally. You can pick the K2SO4 or the K
I try to get about 20-30ppm of K.
> I have AP perfect ph 7 laying around, can you tell me if this contains H3PO4
> or KH2P04 (i'm not sure what those are or where to get them.) I use lamott
> kits for NO3, and PO4

Well those are good. I cannot tell what all is in the AP stuff. There are a
few hydroponic's places that sell KH2PO4(potassium monobasic phosphate) and
or H3PO4(phosphoric acid 30%). It might have the PO4 so call them up and
Tom Barr 
> Jeff Vamos