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Re: AGA Conference

On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Dan Resler wrote:

I too would like to say a big Thank You to all who helped plan and
organize this year's AGA conference - it just keeps getting better and
better! A special thank you goes to Charlene Nash who did most if not
all of the on-site organization. I like Gary enjoyed ALL of the talks,
with the Amano workshop being the special 'icing on the cake'. I came
away from this year's conference challenged, inspired, motivated, and
excited; what more could I ask for?

Not much more, I think <grin>. Charlene, Karen, Erik Olsen, and all the 
others who were buzzing about behind the scenes really went the distance to 
make this a great event. Every speaker was unique, meeting people offline 
was exciting, and the workshop on Sunday was really something special.. all 
eyes transfixed for over two hours as Mr. Amano composed an imposing and 
dynamic design!

I've posted a few photos of west-coasters at the event:

Warm regards,


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