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Re: Eusteralis stellata


I've had Eusteralis for some 18 months now. It was
green and really broad-leaved when I bought it,
emersed growth I think. In my big tank the plant
yellowed up pretty quickly. It's been very nice
reddish yellow, not as red as in the best tank of the
AGA contest though. You can find info about the setup
on my homepage (www.helsinki.fi/~kmlaine/630.html).

I had the plant in an other tank too when I first got
it. That was in a 63-liter tank with 30W of
fluorescent light, only occasional fertilizing, and no
CO2. In that tank the plant grew thin and greenish.
This tank was also cooler than the big one, around
24'C. The big tank has 26, even more in the summer.


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