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Re: Seachem's new Fluorite Red and Onyx

I saw Fluorite Red at the AGA Conference last weekend. Nice color. I don't 
know how it would look with red plants, but I think it would be interesting 
with diferent shades of green. I live about 40 miles from Seachem's HQ and 
haven't seen any of this locally in the Atlanta area.

I just switched out the substrate in my 65 gallon tank to Onyx. Looks nice. 
You need more bags of it to get the same depth as you would Fluorite. My 125 
gallon needed 13 bags of Fluorite for a 4 inch depth. The 65 gallon is 
exactly 1/2 the surface area of the 125, but I needed 9 bags of Onyx for a 4 
inch depth. I assume this is because the Onyx particles are smaller than 

I now have a 125 with Fluorite, a 90 gallon with river gravel and laterite, 
and a 65 gallon with Onyx. It will be interesting to see how the Onyx tank 

Who knows, maybe Fluorite Black is just around the corner?