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new to list, new to aquatic plants

hi everyone! my name is Lisa and i live in Mobile, AL (right on the Gulf)...i 
have a 40G tall, 36" long, 12.5" deep, and 20" tall....the tank has been set 
up for a year now and is pretty stable...i've goofed around a bit with 
aquatic plants but i've become more interested in them lately...the plants i 
have in there now are looking quite sad...a few stunted clippings of 
Hygrophila polysperma, two bulbs of Aponogeton crispus (i know they need to 
have a dormant period, but i don't know what to do.....they're much smaller 
now than when i first planted them), Aponogeton undulatus (i'm pretty sure), 
Cryptocoryne wendtii (red), 3 dwarf lillies (don't know scientific name),  
two bulbs of Sagittaria subulata, and one of a smaller, corkscrew variety of 
Sagittaria, and several clippings of Rotala Indica...i also have a very 
large, beautiful piece of driftwood (it looks like a dragon's head about to 
come out of the water!) and a couple small rocks set together to make a very 
small cave...i'm sure the main reason my plants aren't doing well is the 
lighting...i have one 24" 20W Power-Glo on my tank and it's quite old and 
needs to be replaced...can anyone suggest a good bulb for a tall tank like 
mine? also, i would love any info on fertilizer in the substrate...currently, 
i'm only adding liquid fertilizer twice a month....i'll be taking my water to 
the petstore i work at later this week to be tested...what chemicals should i 
test and what is the acceptable range? i work in the freshwater department of 
my store, and i have a pretty good knowledge of the fish we sell, so i figure 
i should work on becoming the aquatic plant specialist! if anyone could 
suggest some good websites and books for a beginner such as myself, i'd 
appreciate it....thank you all in advance!
~Lisa  ^_^

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