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green Eusteralis

My Eusteralis stellata is growing, but growing green
and a bit leggy.  Many stems are a bit thin.  I have
146 watts of PCF and T8 (mostly under the PCF), good
co2, .5 phosphate, 5ppm nitrate, 1 ml Flourish per
day, .5 ml Flourish Iron per day, 12 mls Flourish
Potassium per week.  It doesn't look bad, but after
looking at the awesome tanks in the AGA showcase, I
think it could look much better.  What gives?  More
iron?  Those tank conditions are good for so many
other plants (even though my angustifolia has gone to
@$#% with big rotten patches and stunting after doing
very well for two years - could the massive increase
of Phyllanthus have anything to do with it?).  

Thanks, Cavan

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