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Re: AGA Contest


The aquascapes are beautiful again this year and so is the site!

Kudos to all the entrants and to you for making it happen!

Thanks a lot!
Dave Engle

Jacksonville, NC USA
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> Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 07:49:53 -0800 (PST)
> From: Erik Olson <erik at thekrib_com>
> Subject: Re: AGA Contest
> Hi folks,
> The contest is open now... I blew it and forgot to pack my modem
> dashing off to the convention last Thursday.  So while the winners
did get
> announced Saturday afternoon at the convention, they were not
> online until midnight.  I fully expect the site to be completely
> for a few days (this happened last year), so be patient.  And of
> if you want higher-resolution images and instant access, you can
get both
> years' contests on CD-ROM from me for $15...e-mail me for details.
> Oh yeah: http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org
> It was great seeing everyone at the convention, btw, and hope it
> again next year!
>   - Erik