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Re: Re: Big Al's -- AZ Aquatic Gardens -- & The Deliverers

>>Robert,  It's okay to shop there until I have another bad experience --
 :-) .  But seriously, when things go well, I say so and when they
don't, I say that, too.  I try to be fair.  I try not to write
criticisms when I am angry.
I've written a few times on Big Al's.  So let me add, while we're on
the subject, that I'm still not too crazy about the software Big Al
uses on its site.  For me it takes a bit too long to get around and
sometimes things I have put into the cart aren't there when I put the
next item in -- but oh, those great prices! <<

I am glad I made you laugh! That was the intent. I dont mean to sound like
the guy thats always sticking up for the seller. I love to complain, I drive
my vendors nuts with my complaints. But when I see people complaining about
things that may be out of the companies control, it bothers me a litttle. I
complain about the quality of products I buy, if it doesnt meet up to its
hype, if the company failed to follow thru on a promise, if they are gouging
prices, if they fail to correct a problem, mess up the billing, or wont
communicate with me or handle it in a professional manner, but I dont
complain about their email being too slow, or about their shopping cart
software, or shipping tracking information.

Maybe I am biased because of my own business, but I know there are plenty of
little guys out there that cannot afford 24 hour customer service operators,
or sophisticated computer order tracking systems, or even shopping cart
software. It doesnt stop me from buying from them. Some companies use
shopping carts to automate their orders so they dont have to answer the
phone. Az gardens only got a shopping cart a year or so ago. I dont know if
its been more of a convience for the customer or the seller. I always placed
orders with them by phone and prefered it that way. I am still trying to get
my shopping cart operational, which is a huge amount of work. Whatever works
for people. Thats why there are many places for customers to choose from.

Sounds like this guy caught AZ in a lie, or some sort of mis understanding
to be more polite... something I would bring to their attention. But
threating to cancell the credit card payment is a little harsh, again my
biased opinion perhaps. Unless you plan on returning the Flourite.

Robert Paul Hudson