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Free Plants

Hi Y'all,

I pulled a HUGE mat of Crypt wendtii greens and browns out of my 10-gallon 
tank. The roots were so matted together that the chunk was 4 inches wide x 9 
inches long x 2 inches deep. I separated them all out and re-planted only the 
medium-sized ones. The fish now have room to swim, and are in somewhat of a 
daze because they don't know how to act. :-)

The leftover plants are too large for my 10-gallon, but would go well in a 
larger tank. And I do not make any guarantees about algae. There is some BGA 
and a tiny bit of hair algae on the largest leaves, because they were nearest 
the lights.

I will send list members one or more of the plants for free. (Didn't have 
much luck on Ebay.) I cannot spring for shipping--but I will only charge you 
what the Post Office charges me for Priority Mail.

E-mail me privately, please.

Cheryl Rogers (used to be Hofmann--I got married)
Oak Point, TX