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Re: Big Al's -- AZ Aquatic Gardens -- & The Deliverers

I laughed when Robert H said:

> But Scott... I had already decided not to buy from Big Als because of
> the
> horrible customer service you described in your original post...
> should I
> now reconsider?  Just kidding Scott.

Robert,  It's okay to shop there until I have another bad experience --
 :-) .  But seriously, when things go well, I say so and when they
don't, I say that, too.  I try to be fair.  I try not to write
criticisms when I am angry.

I've written a few times on Big Al's.  So let me add, while we're on
the subject, that I'm still not too crazy about the software Big Al
uses on its site.  For me it takes a bit too long to get around and
sometimes things I have put into the cart aren't there when I put the
next item in -- but oh, those great prices!  

I think that most sites take too long to get around.  I think "Continue
shopping at previous window" out to be one of your choices when you put
something in your cart.  At Big Al's, "Continue Shopping" drops me back
to the first shopping window (ThatPetPlace does the same).  If you want
to buy several items from the same page, you have to drill down
repeatedly to get back to the same page.  Using the "BACK" feature
often undoes whatever you just put in your cart.  There are a few state
of the art gems of web sites out there, but not yet in the Fish biz. 
Big Al's is pretty good -- I'm just not crazy about it yet.  I give Big
Al's site/software a thumbs up and three out of 4 stars.

OTOH, Big Al's selection is very good and the prices tend to be the
very best -- remember a few months ago when we all went gaga over the
Pet Warehouse sale on Eheim 2026s and 2028s?  Big Al's was, and is
selling them (and lots of other things) for less.  And Big Al's and
ThatPetPlace don't seem to suffer from the shipping problems that
affect AZ Gardens -- UPS and Fedex Ground are simply providing better
package service right now than US Postal Service.  We know the basic
reasons why the USPS is having unusual delays; it's not unexpected. 
But it's not very good service right now considering the options.  AZ
Gardens can't make the USPS perform better under the current
circumstances, but it might be able to make it clearer that it offers a
few more shipping options than USPS.

Scott H.

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