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Re: Re: Benefits of Planted Tank -- Cheap Plants

>>While most people can't find them laying around in the wild, you don't
need to buy them from stores or catalogs.    I don't have a single plant in
my tank that came from a store or mail-order place.   They are all from
trades (or someone just giving me some of their clippings).<<

I love trading plants with people Chuck, but if you have stocked a whole
tank from scratch without ever buying a plant, you are truly fortunate. Its
often a matter of timing, and if you are looking for specific plants its
rather difficult to find someone who has it, or in significant quantity. The
death of the plant traders board, and all the dozens of unsold plants on
Aquabid are examples of bad timing. On the other hand whenever YOU have
offered up plants they sure go quick! I think trades are great, but when you
have a long list of plants finding a good source that can give you exactly
want you want is an easy way to go. Serious collectors of cryps and anubias
I know trade with one another, but jump at a chance to get a plant that is
hard to find, whatever the source. I understand what you are saying though.
There are definite alternatives to buying plants. Local  aquarium clubs are
a good source too.

Robert Paul Hudson