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Re: java fern and light

Hi Penny,

I don't think it's a lighting problem. I have nearly 6 watts per gallon and
my java (regular and windelov are very very happy). Something might be
wrong, but I would not look at the light... Also consider leaving the leaves
with black spots for a while. Sometimes java gets ugly then new growth
sprouts from spores. It might just be a phase you have to get through,
especially in a relatively new environ.

FWIW Robin

> Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 02:25:52 +0800
> From: Penny Crowley <pcrowley at snet_net>
> Subject: java fern
> There have been a few questions about java fern on the list lately and I'd
> like to add in my two cents.
> About a year ago I had a low-light (1wpg) low maintenance (water changes
> when ever I felt like it) tank, community fish, and the only plants I had
> were gorgeous, luxurious, growing-like-a-weed java ferns on driftwood.
> I upgraded to 3wpg (PC), I follow all the rules (water changes every 1-2
> weeks), dose with TMG & Potassium, have normal N & P levels, and added
> more plants, most of which grow well.
> However, my java ferns have been reduced to small, ugly little things.
> start out OK, but soon develop black patches & spots. Which I of course
> remove. I have some Windelov which also gets blackish after a while. I can
> only figure the faster-growing plants are out-competing them. I do have a
> LOT of indica.
> Recently I decided to try adding iron, and am still watching the results.
> The other day I was doing some pruning and found a big hunk of Windelov
> hiding behind some indica and it was robust and pretty & GREEN! (Now I'm
> thinking: are my javas getting too much light?)
> I thought adding a C02 system might help, but I understand it doesn't do
> much for javas.
> Any comments? I am stumped...
> penny in chilly CT