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RE:Re flat glosso

Anthony wrote:

>The only problem I am having with this tank is a bit of a nutrient
>deficiency affecting only the glosso...  Some of the older leaves are
>degrading with a yellowing and a bit of spotting.  The only thing I can
>from the nutrient tables is a deficiency of Zinc -- yet I am pretty sure
<that the PMDD trace I add contains plenty of Zinc.  I will have to do some
>more tests, as I haven't tested NO3 and PO4 recently.  Any ideas?

When light is increased in a tank so is the metabolism of our plants.
This is especially true for the fast growing ones or,at least, they
are the first one showing any deficency.

Increased metabolism reqires more food to be substained and food for
plants is basically CO2 macros and traces.

Since a CO2 starvation implies a general slowing of the plant mass growth,
and a traces (even zinc) deficency doesn't show in such a short
time(traces are so called because they are complementary to plants
growth and used in small quantity),
i think you should focus to a macros deficency.
N,P,K is what a plant basically need and these are the first
elements plants are running out in these cases.

It would be a good idea to test at least for NO3.

I don't do it anymore because i know that when glosso get the
older leaves jellow with small dark spots it needs more N.

And if you will add some KNO3 it will gratly benefit of the extra
potassium too.


Francesco Cremonini from Rome Italy.