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Benefits of planted tank for fish?

Benefits I found were (1) my 20-gallon long never cycled, or at least never 
had enough of anything toxic for me to detect with my test kits; (2) when 
the power went out for some hours this summer a couple of times the fish 
were fine with the filter down.  However, when the power went down, a 
10-gallon quarantine/hospital tank with no plants almost turned into a 
death tank the fish were so stressed.  I have a 7-gallon mini-bow at my 
work and the electricity was out for more than 12 hours there when a power 
line was cut near the building.  The fish in that tank are White Clouds and 
they were showing some stress from the temperature which was 90 in the 
office and going into the high 80's in the tank when I went in to see them 
that night, but a water change with cooler water that brought the tank temp 
down was enough to keep them safe till the power was fixed in the morning, 
and they are all still fine right now.