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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1394

Robert H noted that, Re azgardens... where is my flourite,  
> Well if they confirmed to you that it went out, there is not much
> else they
> can do. There is no way to track such packages sent be normal mail.
> Because
> of the large amount of weight of this product, I am sure it was sent
> by
> regular mail, it would cost a fortune to send it priority or Express.
> Regular mail can be slow, and there may very well be delays on top of
> that.
> But I am sure Peter would work something out with you if it gets
> lost.
I think part of the point is that it's very hard to get a hold of Peter
or whoever at AZ Gardens (that darn voicemail fills too often -- can I
get a witness) and that when Ken did get a hold of someone at AZG,
Peter didn't work something out with him -- or so it seems.  That
doesn't mean we have heard the whole story, but it does appear to be an
unhappy situation at best and one that has gone without anything being
worked out yet.  

I have gotten Flourite from several sources including locally from
wholesalers, but the easiest (and nearly the cheapest) method for me
has proven to be ordering from ThatFishPlace.  They ship quickly via
UPS (which has its own problems occasionally ;-)   ) but ThatFishPlace
has always been extremely prompt to remedy any situation that appears
to need fixing.

As for vendors and their apologizers blaming the Postal Service and
Anthrax for any delays -- that is a bit specious on their part, IMO,
since there are a number of alternatives that provide tracking, timely
delivery, etc.  There are cost issues but given a choice between delays
and higher shipping charges, many people would opt for the charges and
better service. 

I wrote last month about an apparently delayed shipment for BigAl's
Online.  But it turned out that the email messaging was was slow and
the package arrived reasonably quickly -- despite the anthrax crises.  
 [I'll add as a side note that I have placed several orders with Big
Al's and it has promptly shipped, and UPS promptly delivered, all of
packages -- and the messaging has been prompt too.  Now if I can just
pick out something to buy with all those VIP points :-) ]

Scott H.

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