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Glue guns on homebrew yeast CO2 thingies

I just got my yeast CO2 thingy going (yay!) and made some discoveries
along the way...

The glue gun didn't work for me at all. The glue from the glue gun bonded
wonderfully to the airline tubing, but would not bond to the bottle cap
at all. :-( A generous layer of aquarium silicone, however did the trick.

I don't have a canister filter on my tank, so I just bubbled the CO2 into
my tank through an airstone. A few bubbles got sucked into the intake of
my Aquaclear HOT filter, and it did rattle for a fraction of a second.
Hmmm... This weekend I plan on trying to make my own CO2 reactor out of
the bottom of a plastic soda bottle (we have lots of empty plastic soda
bottles around here hehe).

BTW, if any of my past posts seem facetious, I apologize. I'll try to
remember not to hit "send" in the future unless I have something worth
saying, OK? :-)

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