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slow mail and deliveries of substrate

I ordered several bags of Onyx sand recently from AZ Gardens and it too took a long time to arrive.  AZ Gardens sent it 10/23 and I didn't get it until 11/5.  They mailed it via USPS, not UPS.  USPS is indeed having a LOT of problems due to the anthrax scare; I called the P.O. several times and even went in twice to see when the sand was coming, because my plants were languishing in a bucket by the window and my fish suffering in a bowl.

USPS said 1) there was no way to track the parcels and 2) every time someone in their offices found something suspicious the entire place shut down, hazmat teams came out, etc.  In other words, many hours per day were lost to this type of problem.  I don't think you can  blame AZ Gardens for this problem, though perhaps they should consider using a different carrier; I suggested this to them too.

The other potential source of delay, at least with Onyx, was that the mine was having problems delivering material to distributors...it all added up to a long delay.  However, AZ Gardens is sending some replacement plants to me and have been extremely supportive and helpful the entire time.  I'm sorry your experience was different.

Roxanne Bittman