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Re: nutrients from 2 days ago

Tom Barr wrote:

"...I have little confidence in the kits for NO3. I'm almost ready to get an
ion meter for NH4 and NO3:). I ponder my Lamott kit to some extent also but
a cheap kit is pretty hard to get narrow ranges and a good kit is still
relatively difficult in the range I'm looking for(.5-5ppm at .2

I'd just like to say that this kind of precision is simply not necessary.
The cheap test kits are good enough. In most cases if the kits accurately
report levels of "some", "more" and "too much" in the respective ranges,
then that's really good enough. Some iron (about .1 ppm), some nitrate
(about 10 ppm), and some phosphate (about .5 ppm) is the closest you need to
get to the desired target range. Aquarium Pharmaceuticals makes a perfectly
useable kit for nitrate that sells for about $6 and reports in increments of
10 ppm. As long as there is a little yellow/orange to the test color, but
not red, then it is a useful enough test. Ion meters, sheesh, this ain't
rocket science you know.... ;-/

The Other Tom