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RE: Flat Glosso

Just to add to the High-Light / Glosso discussion:

 I have a 10 gallon tank in my bathroom (very relaxing by the way! :-)) with
a nicely spreading lawn of glosso.  The tank used to have 2, 15 watt,
regular strip lights, and the glosso seemed to grow well.  About a month ago
I converted one of the strips to a 2x13 watt 6700K CF with AHSupply's deluxe
Brite kit, so now I just have that one fixture located on the back half of
the tank and nothing on the front.  

The tank "looks" much brighter now -- probably from the fantastic reflector
included with the kit and the different color temp of the bulbs -- and the
glosso is staying flatter.  All the other plants (huge C. wendtii,
Sagittaria. sp, dwarf Lobelia, Java fern, stargrass, Limnophilia) seem to be
doing very well with the new lights -- the Sagittaria just sent a flower
stock with 4-5 branches with pretty white flowers.  

The only problem I am having with this tank is a bit of a nutrient
deficiency affecting only the glosso...  Some of the older leaves are
degrading with a yellowing and a bit of spotting.  The only thing I can find
from the nutrient tables is a deficiency of Zinc -- yet I am pretty sure
that the PMDD trace I add contains plenty of Zinc.  I will have to do some
more tests, as I haven't tested NO3 and PO4 recently.  Any ideas?

8 watts / gallon seems high, but I guess if one really stayed on top of the
nutrients, it could be controlled.

The glosso in my 60 gallon is still a bit straggly after my 5 day blackout
-- I need to do some replanting.  Tom Barr was sure right when he said that
glosso REALLY goes vertical during a blackout!! :-)