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RE: high lights

I have a 120 gal tank with 4, 110 watt VHOs and a 175 watt MH (5500k). Total
615 watts, or a little over 5 watts per gallon. Initially, I made the
mistake of keeping the metal halide on too long. I got a lovely green water
bloom. Since then, I keep the VHO's on 11 hours and the MH on 4 hours. This
seems to be optimal. The MH makes a lovely shimmery effect with intensity
that brings out the contrasting greens, reds, in a beautiful way. I dont
have ANY hair algae problems, and it's stocked medium with fish. I use RO
and do water changes roughly every week and a half (20%). I have laterite
substrate and dose K, and Formula T about 1/3 the recommended amount. The
tank has been set up about 9 months. I have riccia growing well on rocks at
the bottom of the tank. I am going to buy some glosso soon, and hope this
amt of lighting will work well for it... FWIW. Thanks