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re: why I'm upgrading my lighting

My tank is only ten gallons.  However, it is so bushy that the glossostigma 
gets shaded and is starting to show more vertical than horizontal growth.

I currently have a 17-inch JBJ power compact hood with 48 watts of light on 
it, suspended from the open top of the tank about 3 inches.  The reflecting 
mirror does an excellent job, so good that the light points almost 
exclusively straight downward.

The tank is 20 inches wide, meaning that an inch and a half on each corner 
is darker.  You can almost see a straight and dark line demarcating the 
light and dark side.  Also, the part of the front does not receive its fair 
share of light since the hood does not span the entire top.

I was considering buying a new 23 inch, 72 watt pcf hood that will have a 
better spread over the tank.  Buying this hood will cost me another 120-130 
dollars.  However, if instead I get a 20 inch, 36 watt hood, it will only 
cost me an extra 60-70 bucks.

Hence my two options will either give me 72 watts of light or 84.  Getting 
84 watts is cheaper so I'm leaning more toward that option than anything.

As for my reason:  I just want my glosso to grow flat, is all.

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