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External CO2 Diffuser, Substrate heating cables, Eusteralis Stellata

Hi everyone,

	I know that we had discussed the whole external CO2 diffuser thing, but I
was wondering about the maintenance of the external Hydrologix model and the
external M3 model.  I really hated having to clean the internal model.
Plus, I think they are an eye site.  I thought about having my CO2 feed
straight into my canister filter, but I am really concerned about the noise
of the CO2 bubbles being churned up by the propellers.  How many know
external CO2 diffuser models are there on the market today?  Which need the
least amount of maintenance?
	As a side note, does anyone have any experience with the M3 substrate
heating cables?  They seem very reasonably priced.  They also have a either
an analog or LCD heat controller.  Has anyone used these?  Which, do they
prefer?  I am a high tech gadget guy who is looking for low maintenance.
The maintenance I enjoy is pruning of plants and aquascaping.  Also, I enjoy
getting hard to grow plants and making them flourish.  Speaking of touchy
plants, does anyone know where I can get some Eusteralis Stellata?  I am
ready to tackle this challenge.


PS Does someone going to the conference want to ask Takashi Amano where we
can get the 2002 Aquascaping contest poster?  Is it still on?  Where can we
get more info.  I had heard that Mr. Amano was disappointed about the
western representation.