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RE: ludwigia

Hi Tom, thanks for the reply.

You wrote:

>I would suggest doing a more frequent dosing routine of K+. K will help
>tank greatly actually. TMG has it but you need more than what's supplied

I forgot to tell that i'm actually adding one tbsp of KNO3 weekly...thats
why of the high NO3 measurements.. i'll switch to the KSO4 it sounds like
a reasonable tought.

>What kind of test kits are you
using for these measurements?

I use Dupla test for all my measurements.

>Do water changes weekly.Try adding a iron
>tablet/ball under the plant.

I do a 40% water change weekly (70% tap water,30% ro water to lower a bit
I don't think it could be an iron deficency though, i got laterite in the
substrate and the amount of TMG should be enough for that trace elements.
Anyway, i don't do iron tests (since i don't get sintomps of iron deficency
from the other plants and even if i would i don't think that those suggested
fe values mean that much) so it could be.... but i prefer not to add more

> It is a beautiful plant

Indeed!! Didn't think it could be so challanging though!

Francesco Cremonini
Rome Italy