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Re: Eusteralis stellata

"Carlos Sanchez" <tsunamicarlos at hotmail_com>  wrote:
> I am thinking about adding Eusteralis stellata in to it. Does
> anyone here have any experience with this plant? Any tips on growing
> this plant would be greatly appreciated.

Eustralis stellata? Oh, definitely one of my favorite plants!
I like mine so much that I'm thinking of giving it a name.
BTW, I really like your name, Carlos.  :-)

I first bought this plant about 2 months ago. It was ratty and
had a green color. I almost didn't get it but Gloria at the
Aquarium Center in Baltimore talked me into it. It went into
a non-CO2 3watts/gal (flourescent lights) tank that had a mix
of very fine and intermediate-fine gravel. A week later, it
started picking up quite nicely. The leaves were turning a lovely
greenish-pink at the tips.

About 2 weeks ago, I attached my marvelous new M3 CO2
system to that tank and started using Tropica fertilizer. Since
then, the plants have been going nuts. E. stellata had the most
dramatic transformation. It is growing strong and tall with
lovely red leaves. It resembles the photo in "Aquarium Plants:
The Practical Guide" by Pablo Tepoot. I'm quite thrilled!

I haven't done a recent water test on my tank but the last
readings were KH=3 and pH=7.


Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at home_com