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Re: Eusteralis stellata

Hey all,

<<<<I am thinking about adding Eusteralis stellata in
to it. Does
anyone here have any experience with this plant? Any
tips on growing
this plant would be greatly appreciated.>>>>>

This one gave me trouble in alot of areas. First was
actually finding the plant for sale. Then you have to
grow it.....

When I got mine, it was emerse groth and pretty ratty.
It was 3 stems with an iron band padded with guaze
that cost $4.99. Ouch. I bought 4 just so I could pick
and choose the healthiest stems. 

After every nutrient deficiency possible, I finally
have them looking like something. It is the *ultimate*
indicator plant. Interestingly enough, when it is not
getting what it needs it will appear to die at the
tip. Upon addition of the nutrient it will send out
3-5 branches from the dead tip! So, nutrient
deficiency makes this one *very* bushy. hehe.

Purportedly, this is a soft water plant. My tap has 0
GH/KH so I use garden lime/baking soda to add enough
Ca/Mg to bring it up to 2-3 GH/KH. I don't have any
problems with my plants at that level. Lots of K, and
traces (TMG), and 2x55 watt pc's, 2 bubbles/second
eheim diffuser CO2, Flourite/peat substrate, pH 6.6,
81 degrees farenheit. Oh yeah...29 gallon tank.
Biggest challenge, for me, is keeping up with Ca/Mg.

Not sure about the accuracy of my NO3/PO4 test kits
but they read *something* in my tap water so I don't
fret about it.  My tap water has very little dissolved
salts so I have to add chemical soup at water changes
which I do weekly......big ones. 

E.stellata is very unforgiving. You'll want to put it
in the center of your tank right below the lights. And
make sure that you have something bushy in front of it
because it will not hold its lower leaves. When you
prune, and it grows fast, just use the tops. The
branches from the lower stems are pretty wimpy. If you
want to propagate it. Let it branch at the top of your
water line. You *must* keep up on your fert regimen. 

Best of luck, and lots of light,
John Wheeler


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