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Re: Eusteralis Stellata

I've been growing a couple of stalks of this plant for almost half a year,
and now I still only have a couple of stalks. It is a very beautiful plant
but in my opinion, or rather my inexperience, I find this plant the most
difficult to handle.

Here's my brief tank setup: 72 L with 72 Watts Compact Fluorescent.
                                          2 X 1.5 L DIY CO2 with a moss mat
to trap CO2 gas
                                          PH: 7.0     Temp: 28-29 degrees C
                                          Daily doses of iron intensive
liquid fertilizer with root tabs weeky
                                          Weeky 1/3 water change

Now, all my other plants like R.Rotundifolia, H.Zosterifolia, H.Polysperma
are doing exceptionally well but not for Eusteralis Stellata.

Here's my observation: I've noticed that my E.Stellata tends to grow well
only for at most 2-3 weeks. After which for no apparent reason, the new
leaves turns crinkly and stunted. It really pisses me off . However a couple
of days later, it begins to put out some side shoots and the new shoots will
be green and healthy. When it's stems are bigger and when the leaves develop
an orange tone ( the babies ), I would then cut it and transplant it into
the sand. But then again, two weeks later it looks pathetic and begins its
life cycle again.

But I doubt that's the way it should be because my LFS grows beautiful
giangantic E.Stellata that never gets stunted. There must be sometime
missing from my tank.

Hope others who have success with this plant can share their personal