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Re: Stock levels and macros

>>My question (actually I have many, but this is the main one for now) is
why maintain low stocking levels and light feeding while at the same time
adding NO3 and PO4 fertilizers? Why not enjoy more fish in the aquarium and
these Macros in the form of food?<<

Having a high fish load or overcrowded fish load adds other things to the
system like dissolved organics and phosphate, and makes the overall balance
more delicate and harder to control. But mainly from my perspective, adding
KNO3 gives me control to have whatever level I want that the plants seem to
need. It also has a direct relation to your light level. The more intense
your light is, the higher the demand for nutrients and the faster they will
be used up. Under intensive light, even a high fish load may not be
sufficient enough to keep up with the demand of the plants, assuming you
have sufficient CO2 levels as well.

Robert Paul Hudson