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Re: Nutrients

> After adjusting my nutrient levels (mainly K- two tsp K2SO4  for about 75
> gallons of water to bring K up to about 22 ppm, but also trace and a little
> KNO3 to get NO3 above 5 ppm (target 7 ppm)- CO2 was already in line)- my
> plants started pearling for a couple of days, then - they have been
> languishing since then- my hygrophylla is sending out very thin and tall
> light green leaves rotalla and bacopa growth is slow but normal. New leaves
> on my swords are also light green.  Does anyone know what may be going on.

You used up the NO3 and traces, add more and test to see the levels before
and after 2-3 day periods. It does seem like the tail-chasing-the-dog at
times. You run from one to other nutrient. But NO3 and PO4 are the big ones
to watch. Add the traces at least 2x a week, I do 3x weekly for traces,
KNO3, PO4. K2SO4 weekly, water changes weekly. That's it. Your tank does
sound like it gets NO3 limited fast. I'd add 1/2 teaspoon 3x a week of KNO3
and some source of PO4 2-3x a week also.
> suspect that the plants may have been used to low K (2 ppm my tapwater), and
> may be a bit shocked by the new much higher concentration.


> When I change
> water my target general hardness is around 5 degrees and carbonate hardness-
> 3 degrees.  pH is normally 6.6- 6.8l.

If your KH is 4 that's a okay. At 3 it's bit low IMO.
Tom Barr
> Cory Williamson