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Re: stocking levels and macros

In my experience, if you have higher lighting levels
and co2, you can have more fish without worry.  Your
assumption is correct if you take that into account. 
I think that when people say you should have low
stocking levels in a planted tank, they are referring
more to more traditional lighting levels, and not
tanks like mine (146 watts of PCF and T8 on a 30).  I
would say that for the average planted tank, low
stocking levels are good.  Feeding levels also figure

My tank has had pretty good stocking levels and still
required the addition of macros.  The reasons I change
water are mainly removal of detritus and
allelochemicals (sp? stargrass suffered as time went
on even though macros did not build up).    

I hope this was of some help, or that you can see what
I'm trying to say.  

Cavan  in Pittsburgh

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