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RE: Amazon Sword Growth - What does it say about the lighting?

> I've recently started a new 55 gal tank.
> I've planted it fairly heavily.
> The plants have been in about a month now and they all appear to be
> growing nicely,
> However the melon sword has sent out three new leaves. They are all on
> much longer stems then the original leaves (maybe 10 leaves on the plant
> when planted), The leaves are also much larger, each stem has gone higher,
> with the third leaf being on the surface.
> I also have several aponogetons (ulvaceus and undulatus) which have only
> sent out surface leaves, while the rigidifolius is  growing normally.
> CO2 10ppm, Gh 7, Kh 2-3, Ph 6.8 - 7, Temp high 70s. 
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks
> Arthur