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Re: Gamma, Xrays, and UV

Steve wrote, in part:
". . .to penetrate paper and kill bacteria, the post office would
> need to use long wave length radiation like X-rays. If the bad guys
> wrapped the bacteria in tinfoil or lead foil, you would need
> something
> really penetrating like very strong gamma radiation. It has to be
> intense enough to cause damage to the cellular material and not just
> pass right through. UV radiation is on the other end of the spectrum
> and
> has trouble making it through glass, never mind paper!"

UV photons have much lower energy levels (measured as the frequency of
the photons) than x-rays, or next up the spectrum, gamma rays.  But I
wouldn't call them the other end of the spectrum.  UV is usually the
last type of electromagnetic radiation listed on spectra before x-rays
and gamma rays, since they have higher energy levels than, in order,
visible light, near and mid infra red, thermal infra read, microwaves,
and lastly at the other end of the spectrum from x-rays and gamma rays
you have TV and Radio waves.

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