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Re: What to bring to AGA conf...

Arthur wrote "I've been trying to decide what to bring to the
> conference besides snails and bladderwort...not sure
> what constitutes "rare"......maybe we can create a
> list of plants that people are interested in."


I struggled with this same question last year.  Finally, I figured that if
it wasn't available at our best local pet shop - it was rare.  I brought
whatever I had and a lot of it went.  It seemed that most folks weren't too
interested in show specimen plants - they wanted starter cuttings.  I
suppose that was because they are cheaper and it's easier to travel with.
Anubias and Amazon swords might be an exception to that.

My suggestion is to take at least two or three of everything you have.  If
more folks want what you have to offer, you can mail it to them.  I
recommend taking your really rare or exceptional show plants to the auction
Saturday night.  If you only have one or two specimen for sale, that's
really the only fair way to give everyone a chance at it.  Supporting the
auction and the AGA is really important too.  If the AGA can't break even or
come out ahead, the convention won't be sustainable...

Another suggestion, and I'm not aiming it at you Arthur - this is for
everyone to consider, all of the sales outside of the auction room limit the
income to the AGA.  Please consider giving a small percentage of your sales
at the convention to the AGA.  I worked on a American Cichlid Convention a
few years ago.  It is amazing how much cash it takes to put on one of these
conventions.  Every little show of financial support helps.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all there!

Warren, MI