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Ludwigia arcuata

My 80gal new setup has been running for two months and looks great

I got difficult to rise plants like Limnophila aromatica, bolbitiis
elatinoides, M.umbrosum, Didipils diandra and they all look great.

The red ones never been so red but..

Ludwigia arcuata is growing, very big red leaves,  but when it gets close to
the surface
the new leaves get even redder ,cup and get shorter.

At the same time the plant starts producing side shoots close to its top.
The new shoots show the same sintoms as the motherplant and stay little.

If i cut the stem and replant it, it starts growing again untill is free of
surroundig plants and gets full light.Then the process starts over.
Tank parameters:

95*55*55h cm
2*75w mhl lights+ 3*32w fluorescent bulbs *10hrs/day
Ph 6.9
Kh 7
Gh 7
NO3 10mg/l
PO4 .5mg/l
T 26*C
Fertilizer: Tmg 6mg/l *day
Fish population and food to keep NO3 and PO4 values where they are.

Any suggest?


Francesco Cremonini Rome Italy.