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re: Buzz cut hair algae

Hi Tom,

thanks for your answer. The other info on the tank is that it has been up
for 7 months and there is nothing stable to report about it. I've been
through three major algae outbreaks so far: the dreaded GW, "brown cloud",
and impressive green hair algae, 10" long at least. I also get green haze on
the glass. Fish load was light-to-moderate until yesterday - 11 cardinal
tetras, 5 Jordanell floridae, 5 peacock gobies, 3 german rams, 2 blackskirt
tetras, 1 dwarf gourami, and an unknown number of otos, probably 5 or so. I
say until yesterday because yesterday I was careless during a water change.
The water coming out of the python got cold and I lost 5 cardinals.

I have Limnophila aquatica, Rotala indica, and several types of Hygro
growing fast in the tank, but I've been wanting to try out water sprite for
a while now...

What's the difference between 10ml of flourish every third day and 2 ml
flourish daily?