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re: Yeast C02 reactors; glue gun makes the prefect seal.

Just a question ( and this might seem silly but it has me puzzled ). If you
seal the bottles up with glue, when the yeast has metabolised all of the
sugar do you throw the bottle away and make a new one ? I have set up a twin
bottle reactor and have raided the lab where I work for rubber stoppers,
glass tubing, plastic hoses, and a glass 'T' piece. The rubber stoppers fit
perfectly into 2 litre soda bottles. I found all of these and glued the
glass tubing into holes bored into the stoppers so they are 'gas' proof but
I have heard horror stories of yeast reactors exploding so I made it so that
if pressure builds up the stoppers will blow out before the bottle explodes.
A one-way valve on the air-line going into the tank prevents any water
siphoning back down and draining my tank should the stoppers blow out and it
means I just have to unplug the thing, clean the bottles, add new
ingredients and it is up and away in a matter of minutes.