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Anubias... do the roots need to attach to something?

I've got several stalks of A. barteri which I had for a while growing in
gravel (but way up high; the rhizome was 3 inches or so above the substrate)
which it seemed to like. I'd like to put some in another tank, fastened to
the back glass via suction cup, so the roots will be hanging down behind a
large stand of crypts. They won't actually be rooted in the gravel, at least
not for a long time until the roots grown down far enough. I've got a couple
small java ferns growing this way and they seem to love it; the roots just
trail in the water, clinging to nothing.

Seeing as how the roots of Anubias don't seem to need substrate (they will
attach to wood and so forth) it seems to me they might grow fine with the
roots just hanging there in the water. Anyone know if they will be unhappy
with nothing to attach to/dig in to?