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Re: Subject: Who to contact at water company

Edward wrote:
>I think the most ideal way is to get a detailed water analysis
>from our local water department monthly and then custom-formulate our
>own water conditioner accordingly.  Does such a service exist at all?

Sorry for the delay in replying, Edward.

I doubt that a company would have a service like that installed.  My water 
co. provides a water analysis report on the web (and through the mail) 
which is updated once a year or so.  It mostly contains data on potentially 
toxic and dangerous water constituents such as E.coli, Cu, Pb, etc. and 
added chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine. It doesn't contain data on 
hardness, alkalinity and so on.  As Wright pointed out, this is a report 
required by the gov't and it runs a year or two behind, so I generally 
ignore it for aquaria purposes.  The only way I can get up-to-date info on 
aquaria pertinent substances in useful units like ppm is by calling the lab 
and asking.  So, as long as the water co. is willing, I suppose you could 
call the lab once a month and ask about current chlorine or chloramine, Cu, 
etc. levels in the water supply and to find out if any special treatments 
are being added or are planned.

I don't know enough of the chemistry involved to risk making my own 
conditioner.  If my water were to contain dangerously high levels of a 
harmful substance that were beyond a commercial conditioner's ability to 
neutralize, I'd either cut the tap water with R/O or just use reconstituted 
R/O until levels returned to normal.  I have chlorine in my water, so I can 
avoid the current crisis by aging my tap water longer if I have to.  I feel 
fortunate in this respect.  I second Wright's suggestion of using a 
chlorine test kit.  My kit tells me when my water is ready for use and it 
gives me some peace of mind when I'm doing changes.  I guess a Cu test 
could also help if your water co. likes to use copper sulfate for 
disinfection.  What a rude surprise that mess in Mass must've been!

Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee  USA
mailto:grendel at usit_net